Frameless Showers
135 Degree Hinges Wall-Mount Hinges
Frameless Pivot Door Shower Frameless Shower Enclosure
Frameless Slider Shower Enclosure

135 Degree Hinges: A corner shower becomes a dramatic expanse of clear tempered glass as 135 Degree Hinges are used with full-height glass panels to create a custom neo-angle shower enclosure. Alumax's exclusive clear acrylic handles are trimmed to match the brass hinges.

Wall-Mount Hinges create an uncluttered, all-glass look for this 3/8" glass door with a custom sidelite notched to fit over the marble seat. An optional polycarbonate stop is use to ensure maximum waterproofing.

Glass-To-Glass Hinges: For still more variety, door and panel enclosures may be styled with Glass-To-Glass Hinges, shown here in White Powder Coat finish. Twelve custom colors are also available by special order.

Frameless Pivot Door Shower: European styling with the strength and beauty of 3/8" glass makes the Heavy Glass door a "hot item" in the luxury home market.

This is available in two popular sizes, 1/4" and 3/8" glass. It's glass-to-wall mount allows a full two inches of adjustment for a custom fit.

Clear acrylic handles complete the look, but are also avalible in Chrome, Satin, Brushed Nickel, and Gold to match the choice color for your hinges.

Frameless Shower Enclosure: By combining 3/8" heavy glass with clear acrylic towel bars, form and function come together. The heavy glass adds rigidity and weight, while the towel bars add a sleek, graceful apppearance.

The Frameless is available in Silver and Gold Brite-Anodized finish, White Powder Coat or any one of twelve custom colors. Matching metal Towel Bars are also available.

Frameless Slider Shower Enclosure: The Frameless Slider incorporates 3/8" heavy glass, deluxe acrylic towel bars and a rounded European styled header.

Sealed ball-bearing rollers enhance a smooth gentle glide and pocketed wall jambs aid in maximim waterproofing.

The Frameless Slider is available in Silver or Gold Brite-Andonized, White Powder Coat or any one of twelve custom color finishes. Matching metal Towel bars are also available.

Frameless Tub Enclosure are also avalible. Although not completely frameless, there is no metal surrounding the actual doors giving it a more frameless look. The frame is merely there for support yet is offered in two different styles.